hairy belly in Pregnancy, What is the Hairy Belly in Pregnancy?

What is the Hairy Belly in Pregnancy?

October 6, 2019 0 By Özenç Özbay

Is laser epilation performed during pregnancy? What is the healthiest way to get rid of hair in this period? To get rid of unwanted hair during pregnancy should not try every method. So, let’s talk about hairy belly in Pregnancy and it’s solutions.


Laser hair removal targets the dark pigment in the hair and thermally or mechanically damages the hair follicle. There is no study on the safety of laser epilation during pregnancy.

Therefore, most health centers recommend avoiding the lack of information on the effects of the procedure on the fetus.


There is not enough information about the reliability of this method for the fetus. However, if you prefer electrolysis and are considering breastfeeding your baby, do not apply to the chest area in the last three months.

Since the abdomen will also become sensitive towards the end of pregnancy, the procedure can be very painful for the hairs in this region.


It is a needle hair removal with a high-frequency electric current. Another name is flash needle hair removal. The device automatically adjusts the intensity of the current, no extra adjustment can be made by the user.

It can also be referred to as diathermy or in the form of radiofrequency, shortwave or high frequency. In galvanic electrolysis, chemicals are used as conductors. The needle transmits electrical energy to the hair follicle and allows the hair follicle to produce sodium hydroxide.

When SH is heated, the hair follicle is broken. It is slow, painful and can cause burns. The thermolysis method is not recommended during hairy belly in pregnancy because the electric current circulates between the pregnant and the device and the current reaches the baby through the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby.

Because the amniotic fluid conducts the electric current. For this reason, the galvanic procedure is never recommended during pregnancy. If you have any other concerns about pregnancy, please click here.